Warehouse space with staff

The new warehouse in Pniewy consists of 14,500 square meters of modern warehouse space. The center is divided in three modules, equipped with high bay pallet racks, a mezzanine with shelved racks, an advanced warehouse automatisation system, conveyor belts, and production lines for co-packing purposes. Conveniently located (directly near the route no. 50 between Grójec and Mszczonów) it allows for a higher volume of activity and the optimisation of deliveries and distribution of goods. The warehouse is in good standing with the National Sanitary Inspection (known as Sanepid) for the purposes of storing and handling food products, as well as a HACCP certificate regarding picking services for food products and cosmetics.

Warehouse data

Location Jeziora 2, 05-652 Pniewy
Telephone +48 517 161 528
Total surface 14 500.00 m2
Przydział mocy (kW) 180.00kW
Parking Yes
Security 24/7 security, surveillance, CCTV

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