Mini warehouses and other

A SMALL WAREHOUSE - MANY POSSIBILITIES - Safe storage of your things
Our offer is meant for both individual as well as business clients - anyone who needs a little warehouse space.

For that purpose we've designated small boxes up from 30 square meters at our Warehouse Center in Kawęczyn (Konstancin-Jeziorna municipality).

Take a look at our offer!

You deliver the goods to our warehouse
You can regulate the size of the box depending on your needs
Each box has its own lighting and direct door access
24/7 box access
You can buy packaging for your things
You deliver and ship goods at your own pace
You decide how long you need the warehouse for
You can increase and decrease the leased space freely
Individualised contract conditions
Competitive pricing
Safety - surveillance, CCTV, strict access control, 24/7 security
Professional assistance
Constant control over your property
Flexibility - perfectly adapted to your needs, leased short or long term, for example when you're renovating
"We'll get your goods here
We'll help you load or unload them
You can take advantage of our forklifts and the help of our staff
You'll buy packaging, foil, tape and other necessary materials"