Systems integration


Our clients, not just those from the logistics industry, eagerly take advantage of the possibilities and improvements that systems integration offers. To match their expectations we’ve created, and then implemented in our warehouse that takes care of various projects, a modern computer Warehouse Management System (WMS), which was constantly improved, and its functionalities matching the specific needs of our clients.

In the few last years, we’ve concluded work on the creation of a B2B Logistics Process Managing system, thanks to which we’ve introduced an innovative service for startups and online stores, which would like to optimise their logistic processes connected with selling over the internet.

Systems integration allows the shortening of the process of servicing internet orders and quicker delivery of the products to end customers, which is nowadays pivotal - when every moment counts, and people often buy on impulse. A logistics operator has to be ready for such needs and have integrated systems to service them. That’s why having a flexible and elastic digital solution for the management of a warehouse, all of its operations, stock, and optimising of the operations and storing - is one of the most important elements of logistical service.

Point of View uses such a system, which additionally, depending on our client’s needs, can be expanded with additional functionalities and modules, thanks to which we can reliably manage various projects and optimise our operations.