Customs services

In commerce outside the EU, we guarantee free management of the goods by the client practically from the point of its delivery to the warehouse. The simplified procedures introduced by the EU results in various benefits. We’re talking about the so-called “procedure of on-site simplifications”, which means the goods are delivered directly to the company and all customs operations are carried out by an authorised customs agency. One of the benefits is the change of the deadline of customs payments, general taxes on the goods, and on the import services in the tax declaration. Another is the possibility to declare customs electronically, as well as the possibility to receive permission for issuing non-preferential in blanco certificates, as well as using the simplified procedure - authorised TIR issuer. This allows free management of the goods by the client, nearly instant free access to the vehicle, improvements to the customs documents' flow, which further improves the company's competitiveness and their cash flow. The status of the customs agency S.MED as an authorised entrepreneur (AEO), coupled with the possibility to use the simplified procedure and the speed of customs declaration via the digital system are important perks that you'll benefit from during our cooperation.