Comprehensive logistics handling

Point of View is a leader in outsourcing comprehensive e-logistics services and distribution for companies working in e-commerce. Our clients include both small and big operators of the B2B and B2C markets, as well as distribution companies, and firms handling loyalty programs. We service big corporations, financial institutions and startups; anyone, who needs logistical services including sending goods, including people selling over Allegro. We meet the specific and individualised expectations of each client. Aside from leasing warehouse and office space, our company specialises in providing comprehensive warehouse logistics services. We've years of experience in servicing big, international corporations. Our clients include firms dealing with production, import, and commerce, and our warehouses are also used as locations with production components, goods distribution centers and storing goods before sale. To meet new trends and rising client expectationg, we've prepared new services for you: E-logistics, Mini warehouses or Self-Storage Cross docking surfaces, as well as transport and customs services.

You deliver the goods to our warehouse
The goods are received, accounted for and introduced into the system
You have constant overview of the stock
We do breaking bulk and packing according to your instructions
We insure the goods for the time of transport from the warehouse to the destination point
We issue the waybill and order a courier
Thanks to having access to modern tools, we monitor the transported package in real-time
The client is informed about the current state of their order
You have control over the goods and the shipments
You can settle monthly
You receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports
You can create an individualised logistics model fit for your needs
"Optimising storage costs
Competitive rates for shipments and low cost of packaging
Systems integration - automatic reception of orders
Real-time (online) access to report and sales data
Comprehensive returns handling
Possibility of a fast reaction to your client's needs
Secure storage of valuable goods"