We work with clients from various industries, dealing with even the most specialised of orders (big and small).

We’re constantly investing in our machine park, thanks to which we guarantee services of the highest quality - quickly, reliably and professionally, on time carrying out all orders of our customers. We aim to fulfill all of our clients’ needs, implementing innovative organisational and technical solutions. As a business partner, we guarantee highest quality service, reliably and on time carrying out the services at enticing prices, as well as total security of the products

Comprehensive customer service.
Breaking bulk for liquids and loose goods.
Assistance, fast reaction to client needs, taking care of the quality and safety of the product.
Professionalism based on experience, flexible approach to every project.
Speedy completion of orders, due to using the newest technological solutions.
A convenient location of the firm - easy and simple access.
The transport of goods, including food.

Point of View - Marketing materials:

  • graphic design
  • offset printing in any format
  • low expenditure print on a multi-format plotter
  • binding

Point of View -Co-Packing:

  • packing
  • repacking
  • wrapping in foil
  • breaking bulk
  • promo sets
  • labelling
  • inserting
  • enveloping

We comprehensively pack and repack products to cardboard, bags, boxes and other containers. We exchange damaged containers for new ones and exchange them due to wrong labelling.
We repack from a collective packaging to a MAKROunit type package. Depending on the type of the order and the initial material, for packing we either use modern machines or we pack by hand.

Most common orders are those regarding the exchange of damaged packaging for new ones, changing them due to wrong labelling, the introduction of promo deals or changing unmarked collective packaging into a MAKROunit type.

Breaking bulk is done by hand. These are often very subtle operations, the character of which doesn’t allow for the use of a machine park. Thanks to a fixed and experienced team of employees, even the most complicated orders can be completed.

Promo sets are a popular form of underscoring the importance of business relations. Generally they’re gifts addressed to a specific group, which is why the quality of the set is very important. In relation to completing orders for promo sets, we offer comprehensive services of designing and preparing uncommon sets, which can contain various products. We choose the materials ourselves after testing or we follow the client's’ instructions. The product is combined in an interesting and solid manner, thanks to which we meet even the highest of expectations.

Wrapping in foil is an irreplaceable service, which aims to raise the product’s esthetic qualities, secure them properly, or pack together for promotional purposes. We wrap in foil using professional equipment. Our machine park lets us offer the wrapping services for practically any product, whether in loose or tight foil. We can wrap practically any item - marketing materials, magazines, or cosmetics.

Our company professionally offers all services connected to the operation of an online store. Our customers can count on our help regarding questions about descriptions, promo deals, and the comprehensive sending of goods.


Our services entail:

  • the receiving of the deliveries which for the inventory of the online store
  • warehousing the products for sale
  • completing orders
  • preparing packages to be sent
  • printing and adding invoices to the packages - adding marketing materials
  • handling returns

We’re the best partner to handle B2B orders - we comprehensively service poligraphy, including pre-print, print, post-press. Nearly all printing companies on the market only focus on one aspect of the complex process.

We’re open for the new and we dynamically adjust our offer depending on the market challenges. We focus on mutual relationships, thanks to which over time we become a trusted business partner.

"Packing the goods into promo sets
Preparing marketing stands etc."
"Labelling and branding
Placing stickers / occasional ettiquetes
Adding free samples or free items to the products"
Mixing goods from delivered loads into sets configured differently
Preparing the goods for shipment according to the client's request
Of: marketing events, holiday events, loyalty programs, marketing materials, jobbing, POS, etc.