Leasing warehouse space

Point of View offers its warehouse rental services in the following locations:

as well as all over the country in our partnership warehouses.

Additionally, we also provide comprehensive warehousing services that consists in goods storage, handling and confectioning. Our warehouses are open twenty-four-seven.

We have  long standing experience in cooperating with international corporations and companies and we meet complex and client specific expectations of every business needing individual warehouse storage solutions.

"We analyse the processes necessary to service the client
We set up the details of the receiving and sending of goods
We analyse additional services required by the client"
Depending on the requirements, the units in the offer can be chosen: per square meter or per palette
We prepare the rate for the unloading and loading of goods
We prepare the rate for packing outgoing goods
We prepare the rate for additional services required by the client
We take care of the comprehensive service of the warehouse, you don’t have to worry about anything. You’ll be constantly notified about what is happening with your goods Routinely, you’ll receive reports which will help you control and manage the warehoused goods
Are safe - our warehouses are fenced, there is security, alarms and CCTV surveillance It is properly secured - we regularly monitor the temperature and humidity It doesn’t get damaged - you decide whether the goods are stored on the shelves or not