Deals with organising parties, events, picnics for their clients. Provides equipment - from inflatable installations for kids, through catering, beer gardens, to stages, lighting and sound for concerts. Works with private firms, as well as public institutions such as societies, municipalities and counties. For them, there’s no plan for fun and integration that couldn’t be carried out.


S.MED CUSTOMS AGENCY CUSTOMS CONSULTING AND TRANSPORT SERVICES (Agencja Celna S.MED Doradztwo Celne i Usługi Transportowe) exists since 1999. Our primary area of activity is the comprehensive services we provide for companies that deal with the flow of goods out of the country. We’re an effective and well-integrated team, focused on its development and professionalism. One of our perks is our experience and the extended presence on the customs consulting and shipping market. We use our experience dealing with customs agencies and other companies to demonstrate our company as a modern firm, professionally servicing its customers. We encourage you to business with us!


Hotel Bursztynowy Pałac is a 4* luxury hotel in West Pomerania. The hotel is situated in a stylishly restored, antique palace located in a marvellous garden. The hotel complex is comprised of the Bursztynowy Pałac (Amber Palace), the charming Rezydencja Myśliwska (Hunting Residence) and the White Palace. Between these buildings you can see shining the azure surface of a small lake. The entirety of the complex is surrounded by a well-maintained national park. The stylish, restored interiors and wonderful surroundings add charm to the place that can’t be found anywhere else.


An online store selling and leasing electric vehicles: scooters, ninebots, unicycles, I-walks, and skateboards. is the exclusive distributor for Ninebot in Poland. Clients receive a warranty for every item bought - and fast and effective repair service if necessary.