In POV - Eco-friendly logistics


Did you know that transport accounts for about 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions and 25% of carbon emissions?

Our goal is to actively contribute to reducing these volumes, which can be a major challenge for transport managers. However, the solutions we can use include better organisation to minimise unnecessary transport, the choice of vehicles requiring less energy consumption and electrification.

What can we do for you? - Logistics service tailored to your requirements


When you run a business, you can see how important service, timely shipments, efficient service, safe packaging and current information are. For a logistics operator, cooperation with the e-commerce sector is often challenging and adapting to unique requirements, while serving traditional industries. If you are in the e-commerce industry, you certainly have your own requirements and expectations as to procedures and processes, which is why we give you a flexible and individual approach and support at every stage.

Achieve successes and develop your business


Have you ever been so afraid of change or failure that it paralyzed you and you couldn't make any decisions? No? Maybe you got used to it as it is, because it's not bad that you haven't thought yet that it could be better? Unfortunately, sometimes habit or "lack of time" can make you do nothing (even if you can) and you won't grow as fast as you would like and what you can do.

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Tesla Trade Show

We attach the promised video from the trade show

Co-packing operation

Another co-packing operation in progress :) Happy watching #eatingsushi