“Cookies” are text file, digital data stored on the users’ devices, meant for use by webpages. They can identify the users’ devices and display pages according to their individual preferences. “Cookie” files most often include the webpage name, storage time on the user’s device and an own unique identifier.

”Cookies” are used to optimise the use of webpages. They are also used to gather statistical data, which allows an identification of the users’ habits. That allows an improvement of the structure and contents of the Page, excluding the personal identification of an user. The personal data gathered using “cookies” can only be used for the purposes of carrying out certain functions and activities for the benefit of the user. This data is encrypted to make it impossible for unauthorised persons to access them.

We use session (temporary) “cookies” and permanent ones. Session “cookies” are stored on an user’s device until logging out of the webpage or turning off of the web browser. Permanent “cookies” are stored for a predefined period of time, which is defined by a parameter within the “cookie” file itself - the user can remove them manually. “Cookies” used by the partners of a webpage operator are subject to their own privacy policy.

The programs used to browse WWW websites by default allows the placing of “cookies” on the end device. The user can manually configure their browser to block the automatic acceptance of “cookies” or to be informed every time they’re transmitted onto the device. Proper information about the use of “cookie” files is available in the browser’s settings. The restriction level regarding to “cookies” can affect the availability and functionality of a webpage.