Point of view is an industry leader in the logistics services market, which deals with the breadth of warehouse economy and the lease of modern warehouse and production space in central Poland, that is Piaseczno, Góra Kalwaria, Kawęczyn and Pniewy near Grójec.

Moreover we’re able to offer our logistics services in partner warehouses spread all over Poland. Currently we’ve at our disposal warehouses the surface of which totals 90,000 square meters. Point of View came to life at the beginning of 2004 as a family business, but the people involved have been connected to the logistics industry for over than 20 years. From the onset of its operation, Point of View has worked both with big corporations, including multinational ones, as well as smaller, local firms, and startups. We treat each client individually, fitting in to their specific needs and expectations, constantly adding to our portfolio new warehouse and logistical services, and if necessary we can prepare storage space for your specified needs.

The main services rendered by Point of View are our warehouse and logistical services. Our clients include world-class cosmetics and electronics producers. We have at our disposal warehouses the surface of which totals 80,000 square meters.

We have warehouse spaces between 400 and 16,000 square meters. In every location offered, there is also office space, which we can adapt to a client’s request..

We offer warehouses with strict temperature control. We’ve certified high bay shelves, appropriate trucks to service said shelves and other necessary warehouse equipment (platforms for stocktaking at 12m, cleaning machines, pallet foil wrappers, picking equipment etc.)


We treat each client individually, fitting in to their specific needs and expectations. We do what we can to make our services more competitive. We’ve attained a certificate of system quality PN - EN ISO 9001:2001 in relation to warehouse services and a certificate for the hygiene of food products HACCP.


We hope you find our offer interesting and attractive enough to form a long-term business relationship.

We provide the highest quality services.

If necessary we’ll help to make the space fit your individual needs.




In 2013 we’ve received financing for carrying out a project involving the creation of a cloud computing B2B Logistics Process Managing system.


Project carried out within the Operational Programme for Innovaive Economy, Action 8.2

Project title: Cloud computing B2B Logistics Process Managing system.

The aim of the project referenced in the application for financing is the creation of a Process Managing System.

of Logistical B2B Processes (Called SOPL B2B) using cloud computing. The system will allow rendering an innovative service, offering every business in the e-commerce industry the outsourcing of their logistical processes, making available the specialised program for the management of a warehouse using a SaaS model (Software as a Service).

The implemented B2B system will automatise the following business processes:

  • 1. Inventory stock information

    2. The logistical servicing of orders

    3. The accounting processes


Project timeframe:: 01.11.2013 – 31.03.2015
Funding acquired for the project: 747 082,00 PLN





Our clients, not just those from the e-logistics industry, eagerly take advantage of the possibilities and improvements that systems integration offers. To match their expectations we’ve created, and then implemented in our warehouse that takes care of various projects, a modern computer Warehouse Management System (WMS), which was constantly improved, and its functionalities matching the specific needs of our clients.

In the few last years, we’ve concluded work on the creation of a B2B Logistics Process Managing system, thanks to which we’ve introduced an innovative service for startups and online stores, which would like to optimise their logistic processes connected with selling over the internet.

Systems integration allows the shortening of the process of servicing internet orders and quicker delivery of the products to end customers, which is nowadays pivotal - when every moment counts, and people often buy on impulse. A logistics operator has to be ready for such needs and have integrated systems to service them. That’s why having a flexible and elastic digital solution for the management of a warehouse, all of its operations, stock, and optimising of the operations and storing - is one of the most important elements of logistical service.

Point of View uses such a system, which additionally, depending on our client’s needs, can be expanded with additional functionalities and modules, thanks to which we can reliably manage various projects and optimise our operations..